Pogon was jointly founded by the City of Zagreb and Alliance Operation City that brings together independent culture and youth organizations. This model enables a long-term sustainability thanks to a balanced relationship between public financing and supervision on the one hand, and independent programming and participatory decision-making on the other.

The role of the City of Zagreb is to provide the necessary spaces and financial resources for the Centre’s basic functioning and implementation of its programme. Production of the programme is funded by user organizations, i.e. Pogon’s partners.

Pogon is managed by the Management Board. Its users are also included in the decision-making process through the Programme Council elected among the ranks of the member organizations of the Alliance Operation City. Along with the Council, all interested organizations also participate in the discussion regarding planning and all major changes to the usage model.


The founders monitor the Centre's work, make important decisions regarding its activities and development, approve the Centre’s key documents and other acts. The Management Board manages Pogon and consists of three members. One member of the Management Board is appointed by the Zagreb City Council from the ranks of prominent cultural and art workers, the second one is appointed by the Alliance Operation City, and the third member is appointed by the professional staff of Pogon from among their own ranks, in the manner defined by the Statute. They also appoint the Director.

The primary role of the Alliance is to bring together organizations active in this field and thus ensure the programmes to be held at Pogon. This also secures additional programme funding from various domestic and foreign sources. By joining the Alliance, all interested organizations may equally participate in the management of the Centre. Find out how to become an Alliance member here. Alliance membership is not a prerequisite for using the Centre’s resources.

The key role of the City of Zagreb is to provide the necessary spaces and financial resources for the Centre’s basic functioning and the implementation of its programme. The City also has the control over the use of city property and it monitors the work of the Centre as a public institution. The roles, powers and responsibilities of the founders are defined in detail in the fundamental acts.

Organizational Structure

The Management Board manages Pogon, adopts the relevant documents on the Pogon's activities and makes decisions regarding the allocation of financial resources. The Director organizes and manages Pogon's operation and activities and represents it before third parties. Following a public tender, the Director is nominated by the Board and appointed by the Zagreb City Council. The Director is appointed for the term of four years. The Director is responsible for the overall operation of the Centre, and manages the Centre in cooperation with the Management Board, Programme Council, employees and other associates.

The Programme Council is an expert advisory body composed of the representatives of civil society organizations, in charge of defining rules and procedures regarding the use of resources (model of work), programme orientation, and long-term programme plans. It also reviews any complaints against the programme coordinators’ decisions. The Programme Council has five members, elected from the ranks of the Alliance Operation City members for a three-year term.